Lighting up the world with community in mind

Being one of the most fast-growing LED companies in Taiwan means that we must do our best and be the best. From large-scale development to challenging community projects, we continue to learn and provide support across global networks, while gaining new experiences along the way. Each of us continues to improve while working to help the communities around us thrive.

Leading with inclusion brings our work to the next level

At Sander, we create opportunity by inviting, embracing, and celebrating differences. This goal remains at the heart of our efforts to champion inclusion and diversity throughout our organization. To achieve that goal, we must continue to build an inclusive workplace that empowers and inspires— but also attracts and nurtures the very best talent from all over the world.

Maximize potential, draw on talents, and achieve organizational goals

We want our community to be inspirational—a place that attracts the best and brightest, where everyone feels free to be true to themselves. Harnessing the power of all the characteristics that make us who we are is vital to our success. We design with community in mind, and to genuinely fulfill that promise, we need to be representative of the many communities we serve.